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History and Origin of GELEDE

History and Origin of GELEDE 

There are 256 ‘ODU IFA’ which contain a number of poems called ‘ESE IFA’. 

An ‘ESE IFA’ is typically a narrative about a person or animal with a problem, and the steps or path to follow to resolve that problem(s). 

In one of the ‘ESE IFA’ it  explained the origins of GELEDE as beginning with ‘YEMOJA’. 

Now ‘YEMOJA’ known to be “The Mother of all the Orisa and ALL living things.”  

‘YEMOJA’ governs on the birth canal on females, the stomach is ruled by Olokun and ‘YEMOJA’ and the Breast are also ruled by ‘YEMOJA’. 

YEMOJA nourishes and nurtures all living things. 

‘YEMOJA’ also governs salt water and beaches, while ‘OLOKUN’ governs the depths of things and spiritual aspects of evolutionary growths. 

In the beginning, ‘YEMOJA’ could not have CHILDREN and consulted IFA Oracle who advised her to offer Sacrifices and to also Dance with Wooden images on her Head and Metal Anklets on her Feet to appease and reverse this affliction on her.  

After performing this RITUAL, she became pregnant. 

Smiling! Her first CHILD was a boy, his name was ‘EFE” for short meaning the humorist. 

The ‘EFE MASK’ emphasizes SONG and just because of the personality of its name sake. 

Smiling again! ‘YEMOJAS’ second child was a girl, she was named ‘GELEDE’ because she was very obese like her mother. ‘GELEDE’ also like her mother ‘YEMOJA’ loved dancing.

Both ‘GELEDE’ and ‘EFE’ were married. Neither ‘GELEDE’  or ‘EFE’  could have children.

When consulted, the IFA oracle suggested they try the same RITUAL that worked for their mother ‘YEMOJA’. 

Not sooner when ‘EFE’ and ‘GELEDE’ performed these RITUALS- Dancing with Wooden Images on their HEADS and METAL ANKLETS on their feet- that they each started having children. 

These RITUALS developed into the ‘GELEDE’ MASKED DANCE’ and was perpetuated by the descendants of ‘EFE’ and ‘GELEDE’.

This narrative is one of many stories that explains the origin of ‘GELEDE’ .

An outdated theory also states that the Beginning of ‘GELEDE’ might be associated with the change from a MATRIARCHAL to a PATRICHAL SOCIETY.

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