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Meaning of GBEDU in Yoruba Language

So many artists and  have used the word "Gbedu" in their lyrics.

We see artist like Yemi Alade in 
Shekere -Waka enter where the "gbedu" dey happen uh yeah
Come see small pikin ati iya arugbo dey dance
 Burna boy in Gbona 

When the "gbedu" dey enter body (Jeje) Enter body (Jeje)

All the gyaldem go 
shake their body (Yeah yeah)
Likewise in "Ye"

This one na "gbedu" wey dey ja pata
Me, I no get time, I dey da pada
Dada cover my face, calling me Lagbaja
Biggie man, wey no dey wear agbada
Ahn ahn (tell me, tell me)

These are just a few I can remember. 
But what exactly is "Gbedu"?

Gbedu is a type of drum beaten in ancient Yoruba in honour of the king or great men.
 Among the Yoruba, the Gbedu drum signifies royalty

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