Friday, June 9, 2023

OLOKUN and Wakanda

OLOKUN and Wakanda 

Many of Us have watched the Movie Wakanda forever.

In this movie,  there was some group of people living inside water and sometimes come on land for one or two reasons. 

Many of Us loved that movie and we ask, where are these people getting all this creatures or inspiration. 

We should not be surprised at all, Marvel Pictures and Movie are trying to Imagine what OLOKUN's children would look like, they are trying to imagine what life inside water would look like. 

They are not even close to what Life inside water is, neither are they closer to what the children of OLOKUN look like. 

But they get one thing right, there are civilization down there inside water. 

I think it is high time we tell our own stories by ourself, instead of nagging waiting for foreigners to tell our stories for us and turning it upside down just for fun and money. 

Get closer to your ÔRISÂ and get di0 in their wisdom. 

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