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EBO Aiku (Sacrifice for long life)

Ẹbọ Àìkú (Ẹbọ for longevity)

This is the type of Ẹbọ that ensures one will not die untimely. 

It is the first asked in the “ire section” by the Babaláwo in the process of Ifá consultation and it is asked using a bone as the determinant .

If Ifá says it foresees ire Àìkú for you but for the ire àìkú to be yours, you have to make Ẹbọ.

 This is the type you probably make.

What are the items for Ẹbọ Àìkù?

 The possible items or materials to be used for this type of Ẹbọ are; Rooster, He-goat, Kola nuts, Bitter kola, Ram, and Money.

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