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EBO AYA / OKO (Sacrifice for husband / Wife)

Ẹbọ Aya/Ọkọ (Wife/Husband)

Getting a compatible and fruitful spouse these days can be difficult, be grateful to your Orí (stars) if Ifá foresees Ire Aya (wife) or (Ọkọ) for you the fourth in the “ire section”

This type is determined by using cowry or any seed as
determinants .

This type is done popularly for those who are unfortunate of having a life partner or experiencing difficulty in their marital life.

Ẹbọ Aya/Ọkọ Items are ; Hen (Aya), Rooster (Oko), She-goat (Aya), He-goat (Oko), Ewe (Aya), Kola nuts, Bitter kola.

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