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EBO OYE (chieftancy sacrifice)

Ẹbọ Oyè (Chieftaincy)

When Ifá foresees this, then a position of high status is coming your way but advises to make ẹbọ for such position to be yours and to be attained with ease which brings us to this type of ẹbọ.

Most of the Arabas, Oluwos, Iyalodes, Yeyes even managers, supervisors to mention a very few must have been alerted by Ifá with this type of ẹbọ made probably before attaining such titles.

I can remember before my dad became an Akoda, he was told earlier by Ifa during a consultation and the ebo was made that time. 

3 months later, boom! he was given the title.

Ẹbọ Oyè Items are: Horsetail/Cowtail, Pigeon, Foods, drinks, and Money.
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