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Ranks and Chieftancy in EGBE Orun

Ranks and Chieftancy in EGBE Orun 

There are some of us that really need to know few things about EGBE Orun, we have been trying our best to document one or two things about EGBE Orun. 

Whether we like it or not, there are ranks in EGBE Orun. Even though we can't tell or the rank are done or what merit someone for the post or ranks. 

If we look at our society today, many of the chieftancy were stolen from how EGBE Orun are coordinated and runs. 

Ranks in EGBE Orun are the following with few explanation 

Olori / Head / Leader : This is the one who is in charge of the EGBE orun. Most meetings are done in the olori's house unless stated otherwise. The strength and weakness of the EGBE Orun depends in the leader and the leaders vision. 

Onibode / Gate Guidance / portal person : He is in charge of the portal that leads to the EGBE Orun sanctuary. He decides who enter and who did not enter. He secure the location of the meetings such that uninvited guest or person would not enter. 
Anytime the EGBE Orun goes on outing, he makes a portal for them to go anywhere and make a portal for their returns as well. 

Chief whip: This person is the one that would discipline anyone that a judgement has been passed. After the head and other council has made a judgement, the chief whip will carry out the discipline. 

Council members : Anyone in this rank would be involve in meeting start involve where and how to move the EGBE Orun forward. 

They work hand in hand with the head of the EGBE Orun, they give him counsel and advise on any decision. 

Ordinary member : Here is just anyone who is yet to be given plant post or task. Probably afraid of taking decisions or responsibility. 

If any member of EGBE Orun dies or neglect rules and regulations, the EGBE Orun would remove such person and look for a worthy person to fill the position. 

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