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Omi Ero

Omi ero is known as the mixture of some specific Ifa herbs to carry out some spiritual duties or to serve as an antidote to a limited problem. 

Omi ero which literally means “Omi” (Water) and “ero” (antidote) is being used by several babalawos, iyalorisas, babalorisas to carry out a specific task.

 It should be noted that, omi ero is different from another omi ero, talking about its herbs ingredients.

For instance, omi ero prepared for Ifa will be different from omi ero that will be prepared for Esu and the rest of the Irunmole.

To prepare omi ero for Esu and depending on the particular Esu to be constructed, ewe ina (burning leaves), ewe esinsin, ewe oloyin-in, and ewe araagba, are some of the ewe to used for omi ero. 

Also, the ewe to prepare omi ero for Obatala will be different from the ewe to prepare omi ero for Osun. 

Herbal usage in the preparation of omi ero is specific to each orisa. (FAMA 2004).

Apart from omi ero being used to wash ikin Ifa and being used for other Irunmole to carry out a specific task obviously which is spiritual, omi ero also perform other functions that are useful for protecting, eliminating or for guiding against any negative or spiritual forces around one premises. 

For instance, if one just found a new apartment to live, omi ero is sprinkled inside out the house to chase or guide against any evil forces that can cause destruction or chaos in the nearest future. 

It also can be used if a house has just been built or a house has been left for months or years, it will also be sprinkled inside out the house. 

Omi ero is also used in our work places if one is the sole-proprietor of such work. Omi ero in a nut shell is a multi-dimensional herbal form of liquid in the Yoruba traditional world.

The popular omi ero known to every practitioner is that of the Ifa. FAMA 2004 therefore highlighted and discussed the entire process of making omi ero for washing Ikin Ifa. 

This process is limited to babalawo and omo ikofa (Ifa students).

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