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Reason for EGBE Orun appeasement

Reason for EGBE Orun appeasement 

Appeasing or propitiating Egbe is usually done to have good and stable life, good marital life, to avoid premature death, or other bad occurrences. 

Some people have covenant with Egbe in heaven but when they get to this world they renege on it. 

As a result they suffer a lot. 

No matter religion you belong to it doesn't change your agreement with your Egbe. 

So those who have Egbe and forsake them usually bear the brunt. 

It doesn't matter how many times you called blood of Jesus, or called on Mohamed. 

Even Orunmila himself when he forsake his Egbe he bore the brunt and needed to make redress. 

For example in Odu Ifà Ogunda Ofun (Ogundafun), Ifà warns against the act of neglecting one Egbe if you have one. Ifà says: 

Aja n kulu kulu mo kulu Dia fun orunmila Nijo ti ohun ati awon egbe re jo n se ogbe inu si ara won Awon egbe re wifun Gbogbo igba ti o n roko awa re ni Ajankulu mokulu se wa di epe Igba ti o n ko ebe awa ati iwo ni Ajankulu mokulu se wa di epe Gbogbo igba ti o n ya oka awa re ni Ajankulu mokulu se wa di epe Igba o n sun Orun omo nikan ni a ni ki o fe ola ara re.

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