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How to identify your connection with EGBE Orun

How to identify your connection with EGBE Orun 

Enikeji Orun is the heavenly replica that people see in their dreams. 

So the easier way to identify your connection with Egbe is usually through dreams. 

Although there are other ways; like knowing through Idafa (Ifà consultation/Ifà divination) or strange occurrences like losing of items. 

For example, one may be having dreams fetching water from streams or rivers in company of others; 

dreams of having sex with opposite sex; 

breast feeding or carrying a baby at the back; 

see yourself in the midst of many children feeding them or dancing with them; 

or other consistent disturbing dreams. 

All these can in most cases be a signs that the Egbe are demanding the attention of the dreamer. 

Or the person may begin to lost items frequently

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