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Reasons to do Akosejaye/ Àkọsẹ̀jaiyé

Àkọsẹ̀jaiyé in a nutshell answers the question of “what is my purpose in life?”

Why do you need Àkọsẹ̀jaiyé?

There are several reasons to why Àkọsẹ̀jaiyé is significant in the domain of the Yoruba and to you as a parent. 

Some of which are provided hereunder:

1. To see a Big picture:

Ìkọsẹ̀daiyé is done in order to have knowledge of the child's big picture and a more balanced view of one's life and purpose in the present incarnation.

It is reckoned with that when a person is told what his or her future holds, it is with ease he or she finds solace in every bit of his endeavors. 

Will you be a wealthy person in the future? 

Will you be just as poor as the church's mouse? 

Will you be a famous person?

 Will you be a person that solves other’s problems? 

Will your marital life be fruitful and long lasting? 

What are the challenges that lie ahead? 

These are among many
Ìkọsẹ̀daiyé is likely to paint for you when carried out.

2. To Guide:

Àkọsẹ̀jaiyé also serves as a guide through the present evolution so that one may be more focused on one’s purpose without wasting too much time going after irrelevancies.

It is unfortunate that most people find life so difficult today. Despite engaging in several services that could yield a comfortable life, they still struggle. 

One of the many reasons is because they did not undergo Àkọsẹ̀jaiyé when they were given birth to. It is believed that Àkọsẹ̀jaiyé guides and disposes a child to healthful

[ , productive and fulfilling life.

3. Serves as measure for parents

The parents of a child also see Àkọsẹ̀daiyé as a helping hand in adopting a suitable model to give their child a proper moral training and lifestyle that conform to the child’s destiny.

It in a way serves also as a guide for parents to determine where to lay emphasis on the child’s psycho-social development. 

For example, if Àkọsẹ̀daiyé recommends a child to be a Babaláwo, the parents deem it fit to enroll such child in Ifá training at a tender age since it is generally believed that best professional develops skills from childhood onward.

4. To Fine tune:

Since the sole significance is to peep into the future of a child, Àkọsẹ̀daiyé is done in order to know the kind of Orí (destiny) the child brings forth to earth. 

If good, necessary rituals or warnings will be put forward in order not for anything or evil to impede the good Ori. If bad, necessary ritual also will be carried out to fine-tune the unfortunate aspect of such child.

The importance of Àkọsẹ̀jaiyé can never be underestimated or sidelined by those who today practice it. 

It is sad to realize the Àkọsẹ̀jaiyé is barely done among the Yoruba as of this century. There is no other reason apart from the so-called “modernization” and the ignorance and susceptible posture of our people.

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