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EBO IKU (sacrifice to avert death)

Ẹbọ Ikú (Death)

Everybody fears death, even saying the word “death” is fearful enough. 

I don’t blame those who use several euphemisms in replace of the scary word.

Whenever Ifá foresees death, it should be on your top list to make ẹbọ without turning a deaf ear.

This is not to say you will die in the next few days or a year but an impending death is approaching and this ẹbọ is to be made to ward off such untimely death.

This type is similar to that of the ẹbọ Àìkú because both talks about death. 

The difference between the two is that, Àìkú talks about longevity, and the latter talks about approaching death.

This type is also determined by using bone determinant.

Ẹbọ Ikú Items are : Rooster, He-goat, Kola nut, Bitter kola, and money
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