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Types of Ẹbọ Riru

Ẹbọ is of the essence of the Ifá religion or let me say Yoruba religion as it is of every religion of the world has ever known.

Unless we want to run away from the fact, every religion offers Ẹbọ to the Supreme Being one way or the other. 

For example, the Muslims go on 30-days fasting, and after, they offer a ram as a sacrifice (ẹbọ). The Christians also offer Chicken whenever it is Christmas. 

These are all forms of Ẹbọ whether we like it or not.

This is to say Ẹbọ is primarily a means of contact or communion between man and deity.

The hallmark of why we offer ẹbọ is to solve our problems spiritually and to keep strong communication with the deities.

However, Ẹbọ is of two sections, the first is the Ire (goodness) section and the second is the Ibi (section).

The Ire section is all about those Ẹbọ to be done respectively when Ifá foresees any kind of ire (positivity) for you and the Ibi section advises you on the Ẹbọ to be done when Ifá foresees any kind of negativity for you. 

Both of these sections make up the various types of Ẹbọ we have.

As for this write-up, you will by the end be familiar with the different types of Ẹbọ and their most likely items to be prescribed as Ẹbọ by the Ifá through the Babaláwo, the mouthpiece.

Ire Section

IBI Section

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