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Why your IFA is not working after IFA initiation

Why your IFA is not working after IFA initiation

Ifa initiation known as itẹnifa or itẹlodu in Yoruba dialect is not foreign to your ears and if it is, then you have to learn the basics of IFA initiation before this particular post make sense to you.

Almost every practitioner, if not all have had Ifa initiation, even those who are not practitioners find themselves initiated for a convinced reason known to them.

However, some IFA initiates raise their respective voice, lamenting​ why their initiation is futile, no improvement, no progress or whatsoever of any sorts.

Despite the assurance of being wealthy (or any desire) after initiation, everything seems to remain stagnant, some even went from bad to worse. 

Some even have abandoned Ifa because of this unfortunate reasons.

While experiencing​ this, numerous questions pop up in mind; among are:

 why is this itẹlodu not effective?

 why is IFA initiation overrated? 

Why are my problems not solved yet despite what IFA assured? 

Does Ifa even exists?

 to mention few among many.

These are questions every common man who finds himself in this situation would ask himself and I'd like to walk you through the answers so as to have them stored in your long term memory.

Check below...

Fraudulent reason

The proliferation of Babalawos especially the so-called "Facebook Babalawos" is on the rise.

The yardsticks to differentiate between the original and the latter could be difficult because of the wayward tactics the fakes adopt. 

Even to the greatest shock, some of the believed "prolific" Babalawos​ have joined the disheartening trend.

They compromise IFA messages whenever they consult IFA for you, they impose the need to initiate into IFA not basically for your importance but for their financial greed.

Since IFA initiation cost relatively a "handsome" amount of money (at least $1000 as they charge), they see it as a quick way to acquire wealth, this is why they sugar coat IFA initiation for potential prospects.

"You need to get initiated into IFA for you not to die (some even say rich), and that must be done within the shortest period of time". 

So they say! But IFA never said that.

So what psychological effect does that have on you? 

"I don't want to die" "I wanna be wealthy" so you keep saying to yourself and then you struggle hard to save money for a sham initiation.

In the end, you find nothing working for you because the "so-called" IFA initiation is nothing but a sham.

Lack of knowledge

Majority of the Initiates​ lack proper knowledge of IFA initiation. 

They do not know the in dept benefits/essences of initiation. 

They fail to seek knowledge further on how IFA initiation works and this is why they get disappointed in the end of the initiation. 

Some even believe IFA initiation works like magic!

However, I'd say to you that, not every "self-acclaimed" Babalawo knows the indept benefits attached to Itelodu. 

Majority assure generic wishes to come through so you can be convinced to get initiated.

This affects in many ways as one is that, it leads to high expectations which you are likely not to get.

Lack of proper orientation after Itelodu
Even when a proper initiation had been carried out, initiates lacks proper orientation after the itelodu and this is the fault of their Oluwo (Presiding priest).

Initiates are not in most cases given the orientation they deserve in order to shape their idea of itelodu in the right direction.

Some are not given the orientation on how to communicate effectively with their IFA, they are not taught on how to take care of their IFA, chants/prayers to say make things go their ways. 

Some do not even know how to apply the initiation to every of his or her endeavors.
Some believe just because they are initiates they don't have to physically work to acquire their wishes in life.

They believe since they are initiated, everything promised by their Oluwo after initiation should come in a magical way. Wrong! Your IFA won't be effective because of your stupidity.

You have to physically strive for something to open up the spiritual (Itelodu) lock. With this in place, probably your IFA initiation will be effective

Lack of orientation in general contributes to the lack of effectiveness of Itenifa

Incompetency :

Some "Babalawos" are not competent, if you unfortunately fall into the hands of these kind, then the effectiveness of your IFA initiation is not assured, rather, there is high tendency your situation deteriorates.

The process to which proper initiation should entail is not adhere to. This will lead to no positive effect of the itelodu.
Myriad of initiate have complained about how their situation gets worse despite being initiated. 

This reason (incompetency) is one major reason why these people suffer such unfortunate fate.


Some initiates expect too much! They believe IFA initiation works like "Abracadabra". 

You close and open your eyes in the next few minutes and then boom! Your wishes have come to pass.

 IFA initiation does not work that way, rather, it works in a natural way, a way that conforms with your destiny so to speak.

Some initiates want to have fleet of cars, luxury houses, they want to live their fantasized world in the shortest period of time after undergoing Itelodu. Ifa doesn't work in such a way!

If you have a high expectations, don't be surprised​ if your IFA is of no effect.
Initiation time:

There's time for everything so the popular saying indicates. 

In the context of itelodu, its no difference.

 If your timing is wrong, it is possible for your itenifa not to be effective.

This is why it is advisable to ask for ifa's go-ahead before venturing into itelodu

Destiny :

Just because you haven't get the result you wanted from the itelodu, doesn't mean it's not authentic or not effective. 

Your destiny might be the "roadblack" (reason) to why is not yet manifest.

It only requires a lot of perseverance and patience for it to be effective and when it does, everything will fall in place in no time.

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