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Difference between ESU and Satan

Difference between ESU and Satan 

Unlike yoruba Esu, satan is a falling angel. 

Once glorified creature. 

Satan was not born of any human, but uses human to manifest its evil nature. 

Satan is a spirit that no mortal man has ever seen with there naked eye. 

It was only jesus as recorded in the bible, and its all happen spiritually. 

Yoruba has a name for such being prior to colonization, but not Esu. 

Satan is  called Emi ibi (evil spirit) in Yoruba not ESU , and whoever such a spirit possessed to operate, they call such a person eni ibi or eniyan ibi (evil person). 

Esu has the kind of food he do eat and the one he detest, which his devotee must not eat. 

Biblical satan is the head of evil principalities and has controlling power over his subjects but Esu neither have nor exercise such power over his subjects, devotee or worshippers .

Esu is a persuasive Orisa.

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