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Bibo Ori afefe /Bibo Ori fun Irawo afefe (head propitiation for air star element)

Bibo Ori afefe /Bibo Ori fun Irawo afefe (head propitiation for air star element)

This is an ancient method that has been passed down from generation to generation and it the only recognised true form of Bibo Ori afefe. 

If any Imam, Alfa, Babalawo uses any other method for Irawo afefe, just know that you waste your money. 

Bibo Ori afefe procedure and steps. 

First of all get all the listed items here (https://www.orisa.com.ng/2023/06/materials-needed-for-bibo-ori-afefe.html)

Look for a small bowl and fill with water or ½ fill a bucket with water

Pieces the Obi

Remove all the Atare and 

Pour inside the bucket


Step 4: place the bucket under the sky over night for the dew to drop in it. 

This process is preferably on Sunday to Monday 

Step 5: 

Wake up around 3am or 4am or 5am

When you wake up .

Step 6: 

That means you take it to the bath room with you before bathing with ordinary water. After bathing, you don't need towel to rob or clean yourself, just put the white cloth back on your self and go inside your room. 

Step7: Bring out the white ...

Step 8: in your white cloth, go inside and use the eyele to rob your head while you pray like no tomorrow. 

Finish the details you will make a payment of 25k in Naira 
Pay to Opay 07031178647 (Odewole Olusegun)

After payment contact. AJE NLA 07031178647 on whatsap

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