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Bibo Ori fun Irawo Erupe

Bibo Ori fun Irawo Erupe 

Yes, finally we got here. 

After searching for the answer, I finally have a solution to those whose star are Erupe (earth) .

Don't just use any means or method to appropriate your head (Ori). 

First of all you need to know which star are you. You can search this blog for Irawo era to know where your star belong. 

We have already spoken about the materials for Bibo Ori Erupe. 

First of all you need to Fast before that day or on that day. 

Wake up around 12am at night

Put the Snail on your head and say your prayer. 

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After cooking. 
Place it on osuka. (tie a clock in a circle form) 

Eat it and go back to sleep. 

This is a simple ÔRI Bibo for Irawo Erupe 

Once you consult a Navajo, he would first of all ask your Ori what it wants and that would lead to what he would do. 

With this method, It works for all Irawo Erupe stars. 

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