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Facts about EGUNGUN

They are present in the family and they guide the living member of the family.

2: Egungun (maternal and paternal) are fed so that will continue to guarantee protection, safety, prosperity, good health and all ire for the living.

3: Egugun should be fed at least twice in a year

4: Egungun comes out in the form of masquerades which are called "Ara-Orun-Kinkin" that is, "The inhabitants of heaven".

5: Egungun symbols are: Decorated switches and whips, a hand woven coarse cloth used as egungun, socks and foot wear. This cloth is known as "Aso Iyamoje".

6: Egungun taboos: Palm kernel oil. Women are declined to enter egungun's shrine. Obatala devotee must not carry egungun masquarade. Egungun face must not been seen or disclosed to anyone. Palm wine. Egun masquerade must not enter a blacksmithery.

7: Egungun is fed in three forms; while kneeling, sitting or bending.

8: If the egungun to be fed is a specific ancestor all the feeding materials will be taken to the tomb site of the ancestor and all the necessary ritual performed there.

9: There are various types of egungun (custom) amongst are; Egungun eleru, egungun olopon (masqurade with big load on thier head), egungun Janduku (switch carrying masquarade), egungun Alate also known as Tombolo etc. other categories of masquarades are Gelede and Aabe. The hunters egungun are known as "Egungun ode".

10 : Egungun feeding materials are: Kolanuts, bitter-kola, gin, Ram, swallow foods (Pounded yam, Amala) to mention a few.

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