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Classes of IFA priest

Classes of IFA priest 

There are five classes of lfa priests. 

The first and most im�portant class is made up of priests known as Babaldwo 0lodu. 

These are full of a priests who have been initiated into the secrets of Odu,the mythical wife of lfa.

 They are the most qualified Ifa priests being at once both diviners and healers. 

The second class of Ifa priests consists of priests who have not been ini�tiated into the secrets of Odu and who have all the paraphernalia of lfa divination and are fully authorized to practise the art of divination. 

The third class of Ifa priests is made up of 
people who have all the paraphernalia of lfa divination but who are forbidden to use them to divine for people outside their own households. 

 The fourth class are those Ifa priests who are healers; they are a full Ifa priests but they divine solely for healing purposes. 

The fifth class is made up of trained lfa priests who are neither diviners nor healers but who have been trained as Ifa priests. 

They have all the paraphernalia of Ifa but they do not use them. 

Each of them is usually in some full time gainful employment but he attends the 
regular assemblies of lfa priests and he maintains a disciplined attitude to life which is characteristic of Ifa priests. 

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