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Eating food in the dream is not a bad Thing

Eating food in the dream is not a bad Thing 

Yes, you heard me right. Eating food in the dream is not a bad thing at all. I have practiced many religion from the world and I have come to a conclusion that it is two most common religion practiced in Nigeria and African that ridiculed their members and poisons their members mind that eating food in the dream is Bad. 

Now let's analyze this. 

As an African, we have friends from other part of the world called EGBE Orun. You can't be a member of EGBE Orun and not eat food in the dream. 

Your EGBE Orun would fortified you in your dream by giving you concussions to eat and something to drink which would give you power both in spiritual world an physical world. 

Sometimes there is a celebration in the spiritual realm and we would be giving food to eat. Many of us have refused to eat this Food in the dream and our Life has turn out miserably simply because we believe in what our men of God says. 

Sometimes ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ sent messengers to you to fortified you but your beliefs and faith has made you loose such a great opportunity. 

Next time when you were giving food in the dream, make sure you eat. 
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