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Facts about Oya

Oya, the divinity of wind has facts that I really like about her. 

Have you get to know Oya?

 If not below are 15 amazing facts about this great divinity.

1: Oya is said to be the wife of Sango (divinity of thunder) and his favorite wife because of her affinity with Sango.

2: She is also once the wife of Ogun ( divinity of metal and creativity) according to Ifa's sacred odu.

3: She possessed the power of fire while her husband, Sango possessed the power of rain.

4: She is not an Irunmole but an Òrìsà.

5: Some Babalawo are of the opinion that Oya is not are real name but ÀRÀKÁ it is.

6: Oya is a restless, tempestuous, impatient and extremely powerful òrìsà.

7: She is quick at meeting out justice to offenders and she is quick to anger.

8: Inspite of all this (6-7) however, she is a very honest and devoted.

9: She is highly principled and does not tolorete undisciplined behavior, dishonesty or cheating of any sort.

10: While on earth, Oya gave birth to nine children this led to people calling her "ÌYA- NSAN" (mother of nine).

11: Oya is associated with the stream or river. In fact, the River Niger is named "ODÒ-OYA" (Oya's river) after her.

12: Her symbols are:
• a pair of Buffalo horn
• Edun Ara Oya (Oya's thunder stone).
• designed and decorated switch
• pot filled with water known as "BÙMU OYA"
• Beads, known as "KELE OYA"
• Calabash with cover plus a coarse hand woven cloth known as "LÀBÀ OYA"

13: Some of her praise names are:
• Obinrin to tori Ogun da irungbon si ( the war like woman that grows beard)
• Oya òrìrì ( Oya the visible terror)
• Alégéngée obinrin ( a tall and elegant woman)
• Oya ó dówò fun wa ( Oya we beseech you, protect us)
• Oya a ríná bora bi aso ( Oya who covers herself with apron of fire)

14: Oya feeding materials are:
• Hen, Duck, Pig (female)
• Mashed yam with palm oil, corn pudding, honey comb, cotton wool, okro leaves.

15: Taboos include: Palm kernel oil, sheep( ram/ewe), Dog.

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