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Hard Evidence that prove that some Part of Nigeria Eat human beings

Cannibalism is a practice amongst a few African ethnic groups

Whilst many ethnic groups oppose the practice, there are others who are accustomed to it like the Igbo tribe of Nigeria

Follow this thread to delve into the ruthless & barbaric cannibalistic practice of the igbo tribe

Sir Frederick Lugard, a British soldier, mercenary, explorer of Africa and the Governor-General of Nigeria, had documented his thoughts on the ibo people. He claimed the ibo people were a primitive and entirely a pagan race who were very much addicted to cannibalism.

In the late 1800's, an explorer stated during his stay in the district of the ibo country, he had heard the most cold blooded cannibalism ever! - A Youth was purchased in a market and was fed yams and nourishing foods in order to fatten him up, ready for people to feast on him

During Major Claude Macdonald's mission to the Niger and Benue Rivers, he had noted that the ibo has one of the most barbarous customs which is the destruction of twins, he went onto say cannibalism is rife amongst the tribes inland from the rivers, which is part of ibo country

In 1777, whilst in Nigeria, Missionary George Andreas Oldendorp documents cannibalism and human sacrifice by the ibo people of Nigeria.

An official report written by Explorer, Sir John Kirk, who was also acting as a special Commissioner to Nigeria stated the cannibal tribe were 'chiefly' the ibo people, meaning this tribe was the highest tribe who practiced cannibalism

Documented in the book, 'struggle for control of the hinterland of the Bight of Biafra' States The British had set themselves out to igboland to abolish the practice of cannibalism and the destruction of mothers killing twin babies.

A sierra Leonean who served in the Biafran war documents during his service, he witnessed the ibo tribe practicing cannibalism. Church members are counselled when they go to the ibo market, they should only buy meat with skin on it to be sure they aren't buying human flesh.

According to Explorer, Lord Esme Lennox, he documents his findings on the ibo people who he claims the tribe is addicted to every kind of vile customs including cannibalism.

According to Chief Egharevba, a pioneer historian of Benin, he documents two ferocious ibo cannibals who came into the Edo land. They were also associated with human sacrificing and the bathing in, or drinking of blood.

Bryan Edwards, A British Historian describes the ibo tribe as 'more truly savage' than any other nation of the Gold coast. He claimed that they are accustomed to the shocking practice of feeding on human flesh. Bryan Edwards is clearly.

Sir Claude Macdonald whilst based in SW Nigeria- Lagos had spoke highly of the Yoruba people and their soldiers. he had stated that the Eastern side of Nigeria is mainly peopled by cannibals, with many intertribal wars, drunkards & the barbaric practice of killing of twin babies

During the influx of ibo people into SW States of Nigeria, Circa 1920's the Yoruba views on the ibo people were that they we're dirty, clannish and cannibals. The opinions of Yorubas were seen as true by the colonial administrators.

Colonialists mark the territories where cannibalism is practiced in Nigeria. As we can see, the SE side where the ibo tribe come from is heavily marked as 'PRACTICED'

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