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IKILO FUN IRAWO Erupe (Warning to all Irawo Erupe / Earth Star)

IKILO FUN IRAWO Erupe (Warning to all Irawo Erupe / Earth Star) 

Irawo Erupe gbodo so ara won gidi gidi nipa ina kuna,  

Those having Irawo Erupe must be careful of the way they spent, many of them spend any how. 

Bi suru awon irawo yii se po to be na ni ori kunkun won se po to nigbati o baa nbinu,

Has patience as those having this star are, they are always adamant when angry. 

 sora fun inu fufu, 

They must be careful of being angry with the slightest error. 

sora fun iwa tara eni nikan.

Those having this star must not be stingy and greedy. 

That is what always bring them down

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