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IKILO FUN IRAWO INA (Important warning for Irawo Ina)

IKILO FUN IRAWO INA (Important warning for Irawo Ina)

Irawo naa gbodo sora fun obinrin pupo, 

Irawo Ina must be careful of woman and must not be adulterous. 

bi irawo ina baa se tan lati fe iyawosile 

When Irawo Ina has made up his mind to get married or settle down, 

o gbodo se iwadi daadaa
He/she must first do a lot of findings 

 toripe bi okunrin baa je irawo ina ti o baa le baa obinrin ti o je irawo omi pade, 

If the male or female that want to get married is irawo ina, he/she must not marry another person has Irawo Omi 

iru won ki gbadun ara won ninu ile, 
Because the marriage would not last at all. 

Omi yii sini yio maa paa ogo ina.

Water will kill of any fire elements.. 

 Bi won baa ti njo ni ajosepo, 
As long as they are having sex, 

beni omi yio se maa pa ogo ina re.

So likewise fire star would be going down gradually. 

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