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Names that signify you as an Abiku

Abiku according to FAMA in Yoruba term is for a child who dies from infant Death Syndrome. 

That is, any child who dies in infancy and is reborn only to die and be born into the same family again and again. In Yoruba belief, abiku is a result of:

A spell on the family, or
An emere’s incursion into the family
Emere is a child who has the spiritual ability to induce Infant death Syndrome for himself/herself. 

Fama also stresses that, the family of the abiku uses a traditional autopsy, which includes consultation with Ifa, to determine the cause of the child’s death.

Once infant Death Syndrome is established, the victimized family receives spiritual immunization against the syndrome.

 The parent will then give the new baby a symbolic name; the name will vary in meaning.

There are couples of names that can be given to this child related to abiku. 

10 which will be listed and translated here after:

Ariori (male/female): we have seen you before, we recognize you because you have been born into this family.

. Ekundayo (male/female): Tears turn to joy. The child be can be called ‘Consolation’. Its variance is Dayo

. Durosimi (male): Stay or live to bury me. Another way of pleading with the child not to die before his parents

. Bamtale (male/female): Stay with me till the end.

. Durojaye (male): Live and enjoy life. Its variance are Duro and ‘Jaye.

. Ekunsunmi (male/female): I am fed up with crying: I will cry no more. Its variance is ‘Sunmi.

. Ikugbemide (male): Death does not hold me hostage; death does not hunt me.

. Eniayewu (male): One who wants to live
. Dabioku (male): Stop dying

0. Joojo (male): A name given to a child whose mother died shortly after his birth.

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