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Requirement for the appointment of the next ALÁÀFIN ÒYÓ

Requirement for the appointment of the next ALÁÀFIN ÒYÓ, whoever he may be:


His duty is the sacred responsible of protecting our heritage, customs language, spirituality, culture, traditions, history and acting as our formidable rallying points in Yoruba land.

2. He MUST know about our CUSTOMS, very vast with our African Spirituality and has considerable knowledge of the various ODÙs of the IFÁ corpus.

3. He MUST be a proper OMOLÚÀBÍ in whose life and carriage we can see the full definition of Omolúàbí in every letter of the word.

Everything about him MUST reflect the glory of our CULTURE and ANCESTORS 

4. He MUST be totally subscribed to the SÀNGÓ CULT and other necessary SACRED CULTS of Yoruba land.

5. There MUST NEVER be heard the briefest mention of Christianity or Islam concerning him. 

The position isn't for that of an Imam or Pastor.

6. He MUST be confirmed suitable for the role by a divination of IFÁ conducted transparently in the presence of knowledgeable IFÁ Priests of Yoruba land like Prof. Ogunwande Abimbola, Chief Ifayemi Elebuibon.

7. Upon his selection he will proceed to ÌPÈBÍ where he MUST SUBMIT to all the protocols and procedures according to our CUSTOMS.

The above is the least we MUST DEMAND and ENSURE HAPPENS regarding the Òyó throne.

It doesn't matter if the one who is suitable and meets these criteria is one total illiterate living in the villages of Oyo. As a matter of fact, it shouldn't even matter to have Western Education as requirements for Yoruba Oba.

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