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ODU Ọlọgbọ́n Meji (Òtúrúpọ̀n Méjì)

Ifá says in holy Odù Ọlọgbọ́n Meji (Òtúrúpọ̀n Méjì)

Bí ojú bá ṣe méjì, a wòran kedere
B'ẹsẹ̀ bá ṣe méjì, a rìn kàsà kàsà
Bí bèbè 'dí bá ṣe méjì, a lé tete lórí ẹnì 
Ọwọ́ kan ò ró ṣẹ́kẹ́sẹ́kẹ́
Bẹ́ẹ̀ lẹsẹ̀ kan kò rìn woja 

A single bracelet does not jingle ~ African proverb

To jingle means to make a light clinking or tinkling sound. Jingling occurs when two hard objects hit against each other. Against this backdrop, we can infer two applications of these proverbs. One is to arguments. 

In this regard, the proverb tells us that just as takes two to jingle, it takes two quarrels 

Oturupon meji says;

It takes two eyes to have a clear vision 

Two good legs support briskly walks 

Two waist beads will spread out well on the mat 

A hand makes no clap 

Just as one leg never makes a briskly walk to the market 


These are simple scientific principles!

Physics suggesting motion and sound 
Hands moving to produce clap 👏 sound 

Eyes for clearer vision, this’s the principle that is behind the projection of binoculars 

A part of the brain is called poll and it coordinates muscular movements of limbs. It ensures brisk movement with two legs 

It’s high time that our babalawo wake up to the spectra of fields of knowledge in Ifa beyond spirituality, that’s EBO RIRU 

Elaboru elaboye elabosise 

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