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Ori bibo pelu omi

Ori bibo pelu omi

You can appease your head with ordinary water. 

Look for the following ingredients to use along with the water. 

The ingredients or material to use with water is ewe Ejirin. 

You cannot just use any water to appease your head, it must be either of the following. 

Well water

Flowing river water 

Direct water from the sky with a rain water or dew water. 

How to appease the head with ordinary water. 

Wake up around 12am, use the ewe Ejirin as spunch while you go outside under the sky

Pour some water on your head while you scrub with Ejirin leave say your prayer while you use the water to rinse and wash your head. 

Throw away the Ejirin after everything is done. 

After it is done, go back inside and sleep

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