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These are twins. The twins are not affiliated to any deity whatsoever. 

They are deities in their own right.
According to Ifa, Oduduwa, the father of mankind gave birth to a set of twins eight times. 

Consequently, giving birth to twins and how to handle them are known to Ifa right from the dawn of life. Ifa is replete with stories of multiple births.

 it is however the uniqueness of these children that made them Deities. 

It is true that other people do give birth to triplets, quadruplets and more, but the birth of twins is still considered the most unique and most spiritually potent and rewarding.

The uniqueness of twins as Deities is such that they are only known Deities that have no special priests and priestess who feed them. 

The mother of the twins is the "priestess" of the Deities.

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