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Scientific explanation of ORISA

The orisa are energy, for the most part represent aspects of n�aure. 

Osun (pronounced O-SHUN) represents sweet waters, love, money, conception; 

Sango (pronounced Zhan-GO) represents thunder and lightning, strategy, and he is the warrior; 

Esu (pronounced A-shew), messenger to Oludumare (the single God), owner of roads and opportunities, owner of ase (spiritual energy); 

Yemonja/Olukun (pro�nounced Yeh-MO-zha/O-lu-KUN), the ocean, mother, provider of wealth;

Obatala (pronounced O-BA-ta-la), the head, clarity, arbiter of justice;

Oya (pronounced Oi-YA!), marketplace, tornadoes, change of fortune, she is the female warrior; 

Ogun, owner of all metals, fierce warrior,
honor, and integrity.

As parts of one intricate universal body, we all contain minute por�tions of the energies from all its other parts.

 In the worldview of Ifa, in addition to being primarily human, we are also the rock, the lion, the tree, the ocean. 

Through the worship of orisa, we can each take our own small quantity of the other types of energy and loop it to its con�comitant energies in nature.

 For example, a woman unable to conceive
a child would most likely find it necessary to tap into the energy of Osun, orisa of sweet water, love, money, and conception. 

Someone suf�fering from a troubled head, or too much pressure from work, would
find it productive to tap into the energy of Obatala, orisa of the head,
justice, coolness, and clear thinking. 

By calling upon the orisa, we are able to geometrically increase our power to change or improve specific situations in our lives

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