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The relationship between ESU and IFA

One sometimes sees Esu in the home of Ifa priests and when one asks them why they keep such an image, they  answer that Ifa and Esu are friends. 

A close examination of the Ifa literary corpus reveals that Esu sometimes acts as a friend of Ifa and sometimes as a 

 It would also appear that lfa sometimes makes use of the powers of Esu when he wants to do wonderful thinis.

Ellis says that lfa obtained the powers of divination from Esu upon promising to give him the first portion of all offer�ings.

There is certainly a very close relationship between Ifa and Esu. 

A good portion of all the sacrifices made through Ifa to any of the Yoruba gods is given to Esu. 

Esu may, there-fore, be regarded as the closest god to Ifa in the Yoruba pan�theon. 

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