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EGBE Orun relationship with other orisa

EGBE Orun relationship with other ORISA

However, the other side tongue argument is that though Osun was not born, she has Egbe. 

The pristine Osun that came down with the great divinities was known to be have among house that Olódùmarè  created. 

Another view is that the mere stepping of foot on earth, whether as a man or deity, automatically brings about the Enikeji Orun. 

This, every òrìsà or ebora has his or her Egbe somewhere. 

Since every being, man or deity has ori, it is believed that every òrìsà has Egbe. Apart from Osun, Koori is another deity closely related to Egbe according to a verse in Iwori meji.

Dada, the brother of Sango and Baayanni also have relationships with Egbe. 

Dada is the name given to children with dreadlocks ; and is the same name called the spirit controlling their character.  

In Dada would be seen a crossbreed of two or three classes of Egbe just as we see in many other divinities .

Every being, carnate or dicarnate has Egbe and relating with the larger communities. 

Care has to be taken to carefully grasp the concept of Egbe being addressed here and not to confuse it with the nominal society's group. 

While Egbe literary explanation is "an association " which can also mean the aggression of people  of with the same mindset, vocation or interest; the Egbe being talked about here is the form that has relationship to divinities and how it affects us as humans.

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  1. Is egbe Orun by initiation or it is our Ori /eleda that put us there?