Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Sango (chango) The Fire, lightening and thunder

This is to wish all Sango's devotees a cross the world a happy, awesome, exciting Sango festival.

 May Sango strikes down your enemies and make you victorious in whatever you do.
I tried gathering 15 good facts about Sango, the 15th will amaze you. See below:
1: Sango holds the key of rain, so he locks & unlocks it whenever he wants.
2: He is a powerful being, very drastic, rigid, strict and unrelenting in judgement. That's why Sango's spirit is involved to recover lost properties.
3: Sango is known for his fearless disposition and ready to quell any uprising.
4: Sango had multiple wives but had one as his favorite, which is Oya( divinity of wind).
5: Sango is also known as Olubambi, Olukoso ( the king did not hang himself), Olawale ( wealth in home), Olufira, Oko Oya ( Oya's husband) , Alado.
6: Koso town, somewhere in Oyo state Nigeria (southwest) Is believed to be the abode of Sango.
7: Sango is also a kind of deity that is good when it comes to making "medicine" to cure a lot of problems. Plus he can "PI idan" ( perform magics).
8: Sango objects of invocation include Edun ara (thunder stone) and Ose ( thunder axe).
9: His favorite color is Red
10: Sango devotees are easy to identify via their appearances. They always put on red clothes and have their hair plaited.
11. Sango's materials of propitation are: Bitter kola, palm oil, yam flour meal ( Amala), dried okro soup, ram, gin, tortoise, mashed bean soup.
12. His taboos are: Adin (palm kernel oil), water yam, kolanut, eku ago  (Ago rat), Ewa sese  ( some kind of white beans).
13: Sango is fed while kneeling or postrating.
14: Sango is celebrated all over the world every August of every year.
15: Free slot to add your fact about Sango via comment.
Once again, happy Sango festival to you all.

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