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The significant of blood sacrifice


The blood sacrifice is a process of slaughtering and using the blood of the sacrificial animals such as pigeon, cock, hen, guinea fowl, duck, tortoise, he goat, she goat, ram, sheep, pig, cow, It should be noted that, as a diviner, you cannot do without blood sacrifice. 

One is not committing any crime by killing these animals; afterall we do slaughter chickens or other animals for consumption. 

The reason why these animals have to be killed is stipulated in Irosun Meji where God sent Oodua to the Earth. He gave him a rope so that he can hold the world together .

1n order to succeed in his mission, he consulted diviner who advised him to perform sacrifice with two goats., two sheep, food items etc.

He was told he should keep adequate watch over his slaves so that they would not spoil his endeavour, Oöduå had a slave called Arubi while Edu
(Orunmila) had a slave called Öpe.

 Oodua (olofin) had a special palm tree where he sent Arubi to tap wine. Édü also had special palm tree where he sent his slave Ope to tap wine.

 Both of them were using the wine for ritual purpose. Oodua's slave Arubi started stealing from Orunmila's palm tree. 

When Orunmila's slave wanted to tap from the palm tree, he always got nothing and he would come back to report to Orunmila.

 This situation continued until Orunmila could no longer bear it, this made him consult Ifa. He was directed to perform sacrifice, it, After the sacrifice, he visited his palm tree he saw Oodua's slave Arubi stealing wine from his palm tree. He got annoyed and caused Arubi using his Ase that made him get stuck to the palm tree.

When Oodua did not see his slave, he decided to go to where his palm was, on getting there he saw Arubi on another person's palm tree. 

He discovered that Arubi had been cursed by Orunmila and he started appealing to Orunmila, that he did not send Arubi on such stealing mission. 

Other people joined him in pleading for mercy, Orunmila said that sacrifice in form of blood must be performed. He demanded for sheep in addition to rats, fish, etc. 

This sheep must be killed at the base of the palm tree and that the blood of the sacrificial item must touch the ground .

.Oodua complied immediately and started singing:

Eje bale
Arubi a dérö
Ajalu torotoro
Arubi a dero
When blood drops on the ground
Arubi will be relieved
Blood drop slowly on the ground
When blood drops on the ground
Arubi will be relieved

It must be noted that shortened form of 'Arubi' is 'ibi' meaning evils o negative forces such as death Oku) sickness Aruno loss (ofo) Oran Trouble litigation, Fight, paralysis, disaster, and other evils. in order to eliminate these evil forces, is highly necessary to resort to blood sacrifice. After blood sacrifice we usually sing-.

Mo fenu beje morire

I taste the blood and am endowed with blessing
Tasting the blood does not kill or harm one but gives one long success and protection and thereby, one be equipped with immunity.

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