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Facts about Orisa AJE

Who definitely won't need Aje (wealth) in his or her proximity? I definitely bet none!

Aje happens to be one of the 401 deities saddle with the responsibility of providing wealth/financial success to whom it deem fits.

In a nutshell, the below provides a summary of what Orisa Aje really is.

1: Aje is the Divinity that engenders enabling environment for one to be empowered monetarily, to be financially comfortable or have financial well- being.

2: Aje; is not the same as money but because of their inter-relatedness, people have used them interchangeably over a long period of time.

3: Wherever this divinity resides, the environment is always filled with financial success and wealth.
4: It brings smiles to the faces of the hopeless and the hapless.
5: Every man desires Aje; because of its empowering ability of financial wherewithal.
6: In the olden days, cowries (big and small) were used to symbolize Aje; divinity. Thereafter, this object was adopted as a means of exchange for goods and services.
7: Aje Symbols are Cowries , Sea shells
8: Materials for Propitiation Eyele ;funfun -(White pigeon), Ekuru (Cooked bean cake without salt and oil) Oyin (Honey) Obi -( Kola nuts) Orogbo (Bitter kola), Oti, (Gin) Ede (Shrimps), Ogede ( banana)
9: Aje taboo is Adin - Palm kernel oil
10: Aje Other names Oniso iboji Owo, aje olokun seni ade

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