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Receiving the first hand of IFA

Receiving the first hand of IFA

This is a ritual that is usually performed before being initiated into Ifa, even if it is not compulsory to have the Initiation: this depends on what a person choose to be or, better, on the Destiny of the person.

A future priest or priestess will receive the Ifa shrine (the first hand of IFA) by having Isefa, which means he or she is having their personal Ifa to worship until they will pass through Itefa (initiation), when Ifa will reveal them a new Odu that will be their Destiny for the rest of their life.

Receiving the hand of Orunmila means to receive the sacred palm nuts (Ikin) that represent Orunmila/Ifa and to receive a temporary Odu – sign of Destiny; it will revealed the personal Irunmole, the prohibitions (taboo),how to walk the path in order to start living a better life.

The one who is in possess of the Ifa shrine must be worshipping it every Ose Ifa (day of Ifa) with chants chosen from the personal Odu, by offering obi and orogbo, water, food, and praying.

Ifa is always guiding us and listening to our prayers and for the one who worship Ifa nothing is impossible to achieve.

Sometimes it is revealed from the divination that the person need to receive Ifa or another Irunmole shrine in order to save their life or achieve success,to have a child, to have a wife or husband, to obtain a job, to obtain spiritual power and knowledge and so on.

Ifa gbe Wa oooo. 
Àsé!  🌴🐐🙏🏿

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