Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Misconception about SANGO's Power

Misconception about SANGO's Power

It has been believe that SANGO is only powerful during the raining period as many believe that SANGO doesn't fight except during the raining season. 

But the conception is extremely wrong. I too was among those who believe it until I was able to witness SANGO on the battle field in the spiritual world. 

Even the witches and wizards of this world fear SANGO the most, SANGO is their worst nightmare. 

We should know that the negative forces of this world are in the spiritual realm not the physical, even if there was no rain. SANGO is in a deep covenant with water. The presence of SANGO on the battle field brings rain and thunder. 

I am a living witness of this great power of SANGO olukoso the husband of OYA. 

He bring rain where ever he goes, do not forget his origin, His Father and his Mother. 

SANGO is underrated in this world, until you are faced with the battle of life, no one will win the battle for you except SANGO. 

SANGO the bringer of fire ,thunder and water. 

I salute you SANGO. 

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