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Types of Emere


 Types of Emere

There are various types of Emere and we would love to discuss them but for this article we woupd we noy be talking about jus a few out of many.

The types of Emere are the following 

Emere Alakisa - we already wrote something on this which you can read from by browsing for emere alakisa on this blog

Emere Omo Omi - They are from the water elements but their mission on earth is best known for them but in most cases it is wickedness .

Emere Abiku - These are children who love to make their parents cry either by dying very very young or die when you least expect

Emere Odaju - This are the emere who love causing damage and wickedness to their parents and loved one. This act of wickedness is what fuel them and make them happy.

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