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Bibo Ori fun Irawo Omi


 Bibo Ori fun Irawo Omi

There is a difference between irawo Omi and omo Omi.

If you haven’t read about it click here or search this blog for difference between irawo omi and Omo Omi.

Today we want to talk on how to Appropriate the head if your star is Water (irawo Omi).

You dont need a muslim cleric or anyone to do it for you because you can do it yourself .

If you are one of those who don’t know their star, i can do it for you. Check your star for you and tell you where you belong among the four star elements (Fire, water, air, earth).

Below are the ingredients to do it.

You are going to need Catfish or Obokun fish or snake fish or any other water related creatures.

Many people uses catfish because it is everywhere and you don’t have to over stress yourself before you can see it.

It doesn’t mean that it is only catfish that Irawo Omi can use to appease the head.

The second thing to do is to buy local pot, the traditional pot made of clay to cook the catfish and other ingredients.

The third thing is to buy allegator pepper

The fourth ingredients and the rest of the ingredients, you will whatsapp AJE NLA +2347031178647. Knowledge is not free.

After buying all the ingredients, you are going to pick a day for this head Appropriation, i would suggest we pick the day of the week which you are born.

Fast for that day and break around 3pm . Break with Fruits.

Though the Fasting is not necessary but it is important. You are empowering your head for what is coming.

The time for the Bo Ori is left to you, you can Bo Ori after the fast or wait till midnight of the day you fast to Bo Ori. The Choice is Yours.

The first step to Bo Ori is to take The catfish with your hand and put the head on your head and say your prayer.

Pray the head prayer- Ori lejafi n labu
It is the head that the catfish uses to swim in the Ocean, 

my head come and rescue me from my oppression and afflictions, 

don’t deny me victory over my enemies,

Add whatever you want to add to it....

If you need all the full details contact AJE NLA.

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