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How to know if a spiritual work is LEGIT


 How to know if a spiritual work is LEGIT

To know which spiritual work is legit is simple.

Each spiritual work has a way of showing sign to us.

The signs show to use varies from body to Body.

First of all, your body would become more horny than usual, you feel horny than normal. If a good spiritual work is done for you, you feel like having sex with everybody. 

This is one of the reason why many pastors sleep with their members because they can’t hold it together.

The same reason why some imam have plenty wives all bevause of lack of discipline.

This sign also accompanied many other signs and if you dont see it,no problem.

The second sign is that your dream would change, the way you would be dreaming would definitely be different from before.

If your dream didn't change after 7 days of spiritual work, it is fake.

Thirdly, your physical world must change, the reason for doing such spiritual work must be met.

If you do spiritual work for husband and you didnt see husband after doing it , just know that it is Fake.

F you do spiritual work to get business and it doesn’t work, it is Fake.

If you appease the elders and you are having the same problem,it is Fake.

This out of many are the few signs to note when doing spiritual work.

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