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If you are doing any of these things then you are a Fake Babalawo / Spiritualist


 If you are doing any of these things then you are a Fake Babalawo / Spiritualist 

In those Days Babalawo are carefully selected out of Many who enrolled in the training..

Do you go through any training?

Those who graduate are those with prestige and discipline.

Do you have discipline and Prestige?

Babalawo is a titled you have to earn, do you earn the title Babalawo?

Today cats and Dogs are not Babalawo because they stole, Copy books of account that contains various spiritual work which their grand father or mother who is an orisa devotee and in turn the orisa gave them this secret to write.

This books are still working because its just natural, when you add one plus one it would give you two. But the truth is that some works will not work the way it should because the Convenant associated with the book and the owner and the Orisa is no more. That is story for another day.

You are Fake Babalawo if you don’t Fast - Yes, i know many of us are from one religion or the other and because of this we fast once in a year at that season of our previous religion. What do i mean, if you are a babalawo and you are a Muslim, you only fast when it is muslim Fasting period.

If you are doing the above then you are Fake.

A Babalawo as no reason not to fast at least once a week.

The reason for Fasting is because you have to stay disciplined, focused in the spiritual realm and to remew your spiritual energy. While fasting , some of the bad behaviors which most who claim to be Babalawo are doing would not be able to do.

The Orisa are also fasting, have met with Yeye Osun and she Told me that They Fast, it is a direct order from OLODUMARE, so who are you as a Babalawo not to Fast.

If you are not fasting, you are FAKE BABALAWO 

Do you speak the Original Language of the Orisa? Orisa visits their devotee in their original Form and Characters, do you have communication with your Orisa? Do you speak their language or you are just a whack Babalawo? If you don’t then you are FAKE BABALAWO 

Do you have more than one woman at a time in your house as a Wife? I was Opportune to be with ORUNMILA AGBOMIREGUN the Father of Ifa, the orisa of Wisdom.
Do you know what he said? He said any Babalawo that has more than one Wife is Not following the rules of IFA.

In my own word,you are Fake if you have more than one wife. Its a different if you wife abandons you, if your wife divorced you. This is a different cases because you dont have a woman in your house if your wife abandoned you and you must have a woman in your house in order not to commit adultery.

You are Fake if you have more than one wife.

You are Fake if you are Sleeping around with all the ladies that came to do spiritual work with you.

AM NOT WRITING this because of one Babalawo or alfa or any spiritualist, if you try anything unserious, you will pay with Your LIFE. Order from Above.
I wrote what they told me to write and Nothing More.

So if you are slack as a babawlo, renew your Hope in Orisa.

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