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IYAMI ELEYE (WITCHES) RECRUITMENT - Step by Step on how to Join them


 IYAMI ELEYE (WITCHES) RECRUITMENT - Step by Step on how to Join them

I know millions of people wants to Join this great Mothers of the world who are giving power by OLODUMARE to bring balance to the world.

Their choice of people is what I don’t know and their initiation is always based on references.

That means before now you can’t join iyami Eleye unless someone inside, unless someone who is already a member of Iyaami Eleye give you link to Join them.

The world is Changing,we must Change with it.

Before taking these steps, make sure you already read all about them on this blog and knows a lot.

The steps are simple and can only be done on Wednesday and Saturday. Don’t do it on any other Day.

What you need are 

A big black pot

A bird (i would not tell you that one)

A red cloth

A black cloth

And some other stuff .

On Wednesday or Saturday,there are things you would do, after doing them, you would still do some other things.

After doing all those things, you will go to bed.

It is now left for them to accept you or reject you.

The choice is their to make but am sure your will definitely dream about it and remember when you woke up.

For full details of the rituals contact AJE NLA whatsapp +2347031178647

Knowledge is not Free, you will make a donation of 5k

You must be a woman,

And you don’t ask for someone or else your Life is Gone. Only ask for yourself.

Rules are Rules and if you disobey, goodbye 

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