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Reason why BABALAWO collect Money for Consultation


 Reason why BABALAWO collect Money for Consultation 

If you are not offended by giving offering in church, why are you offended if Babalawo ask you for money before consultation?

After all the years in a a church, you don’t see any reason to ask why but when it comes to Babalawo you ask questions.

Now let me tell you the truth.

Money collected for Consultation are used to buy the materials to appropriate and appease the various Orisa which the Babalawo has.

By appeasements and Feeding of the orisa , the Orisa would in turn continue to lead the Babalawo right on the right path.

The Orisa would not tell lies to the Babalawo and his Consultation would always be correct.

I am not going to mosque neither am i going to church.

But can you ask what your offering are being used for?

You pay tithe which is 10% of your hard earned money  and you don’t see anything wrong or Bad about it but you should when Babalawo ask for Consultation Money.

Babalawo are not doing the Job for Money, ifa instruct and put them there.

Don’t insult any Babalawo.

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