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THE STORY OF CREATION (How Obatala Created humans etc)



THE STORY OF CREATION (How Obatala Created humans etc)

Tradition makes it clear that OBATALA was the chief male divinity in creation just like ODUDUWA was once the greatest female divinity in the world. The union between the two (OBATALA and ODUDUWA) resulted into the spread of humanity on the surface of the universe

Tradition also reveals for us that ODUDUWA was the first wife of OBATALA and their union being symbolized by the union between earth and the sky, which makes part of the mysteries of the Cult of OGBONI. 

The union is made manifest by the two parts of a white calabash joined together meaning what GOD has join, let no one tear asunder. 

This is also replicated in the traditional position of husband and wife when they take hold of the palace of love-making when they generate life in accordance with Idi Meji:
Ojo nla ta di sasa
A difa fun won ni di okunrin
A bu fun won ni di obirin
Nijo ti won nmekun oju se rahun omo laye
Idi ni a apa asa
Igba ti idi ba di meji
Ngba ye la dolomo
Obatala , oseremagbo
Majeki gbogbo olusin re yagan


Success depends on perseverance; see how rain drops in time wear out granite
Thus declare the oracle of IFA to the husband
The same was declare to the wife when they sorrowed daily
For lack of children
Commence your effort
From bottom upwards
For when two ends meet
A child is born
Never allow all your devotes witness barrenness in the world and the world to come

ODUDUWA is known as IYA AGBE, ‘the mother of the gourd’ or ‘mother of calabash’. 

She is represented by a woman nursing a child in a sitting position. Going by name ODUDU WA that is ODU TO DA IWA, which means the vibration that creates IWA. 

IWA according to Yoruba is ‘character’, ‘being’, ‘life’, ‘destiny’, and ‘heaven’ (like in the phrase ‘o losi iwa ORISA’ meaning; he has departed to the land of ancestors or divinities).

 Iwa here becomes a word on which the word ODUDUWA is patterned upon. Consequently He or She may be the father or the mother of all beings, but those who see ODUDUWA as the wife of Obatala did not miss the way – actually they reinforced the position of ODUDUWA as a divinity or deity of immense importance in creation.

Hence Obatala, the divinity of union, whiteness and purity join with ODUDUWA, the divinity of conception and from this comes all living beings. 

The union between the two gave birth to Aginju, Okanbi and many other illustrious children, deities and kings

We should not forget that the original IGBA IWA, The Calabash of Character, was given to OBATALA. 

Orunmila helped him to carry IGBA IWA from IWARUN to the ISALU AYE where the IGBA IWA was snatched from him by ORO and retrieved by ESU and returned to Obatala through patience and extreme spiritual wisdom. 

This was all OBATALA needed to endure and pass through challenges that transformed him into the greatest divinity of all.

GOD gave to OBATALA the secret to attract the blessing of wealth, prosperity, long life, happiness and strength – which he gave to his followers and other faithful followers of OLODUMARE.

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