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The most important ORISA IS OBATALA


 The most important ORISA IS OBATALA 

Obatala is next to GOD in order of importance. He takes precedence over all divinities.

 GOD endowed Obatala with the responsibilities of creating all creatures. 

He made the head, nose, eyes, mouth, skull, while OLODUMARE placed within man the breath of life which is the spirit and the soul that make man a living being. 

He is the maker of the image of man from clay and place man in the uterus of a woman.

Woman seeking the blessing of children must constantly give obeisance to OBATALA for a sound, perfect and whole child free of deformities and any blemish whatsoever. 

Deformed and blemished children like albinos are dedicated to him and takes a special prominence in relation to Obatala

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