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Childbirth without surgery and the involvement of Orisa


 Giving birth without Operation and the Orisa involved

Childbirth without surgery and the involvement of Orisa

The significance of Orisa in our lives and society should not be overlooked.

If your wife is expecting, or if you are pregnant and seeking a smoother childbirth experience without resorting to surgical procedures, Orisa OSUN plays a crucial role.

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Orisa OSUN's presence during labor can make the process surprisingly smooth, providing an alternative to surgical interventions.

Facing the prospect of a costly cesarean section, I opted to allocate a modest sum for feeding OSUN, finding it to be a more economical choice.

Informing the shrine about my wife's pregnancy at the eighth month, I consistently prayed to Orisa OSUN using the tools and symbols provided.

On the delivery day, despite doctors planning for a cesarean section, the baby's head emerged unexpectedly, a testament to the influence of OSUN. The doctors were astonished, but I remained silent.

Sharing my personal experience to encourage making informed choices for a healthier and safer childbirth.

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