Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Fasting is for every body

Fasting is for every body 

Have heard many Babalawo says fasting is not for them that in their religion, IFA doesn't instruct them to fast. 

Am not here to argue, but I believe that is why your spiritual work is not as powerful like before. 

I believe that is why you are not disciplined or be able to ascend and explore those wonderful spiritual realm. 

You think being a Babalawo is just about knowing all the ODU in the Holy book of IFA? 

All pastor must fast, all church member must fast, all Muslims must fast and all ISESE religion must also fast. 

If you have not been fasting before, please pick a day to fast. 

After picking a day to Fast, make sure the day you pick relates to your Orisa, pray to OLODUMARE And the Orisa of that day, watch as your powers and knowledge increases. 

Everything is not soap or whatever. 

Let us be awake. 

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