Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Not everybody must use Spiritual Soap

Not everybody must use Spiritual Soap

I have seen a lot of fake prophets, Babalawo and imam all over the world trying to earn a living for themselves thereby leading people astray. 

The truth is, not everyone must use spiritual soap, there are some stars that are not supposed to use spiritual soap, the moment they use spiritual soap, things will begin to go soar for them. 

The problem here is that majority of the places you would visit would give you soap to USe, doing you more harm than Good. 

Hence your Life is becoming worse instead  of getting better. 

To remove all sort of nonsense, you will need to feed your head according to your star and then recommend that type of spiritual work you can use. 

All these can only be done after consultation, the consultation would reveal everytbing.

Thank you

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