Monday, November 6, 2023

Don't feed your head by Yourself (Don't Bo ori by yourself)

Don't feed your head by Yourself (Don't Bo ori by yourself)

I know a lot of people are now searching for how to feed their head all by themselves. 

Some people want to be making money from it while some people want to be feeding their head a by themselves. 

For those who want to feed their head by themselves, please don't. 

Don't say because you are paying someone a small token and you don't have the token for now or you don't have anything for anyone. 

There's spiritual authority in the mouth of the spiritualist that want to do it for you. 

You can't buy that and you don't have that. 

Ori bibo also deal with star and some secrets which many does not know. 

All I know is that if I Bo Ori for you, your life would not be the Same. 

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