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For a Spiritual work to start working, it would stay in your body for 7 days (explained)

For a Spiritual work to start working, it would stay in your body for 7 days

There is no magic anywhere. People who are faced with one problem or the other always want a faster way out. 

This hurry hurry mind is what make you get in this mess, you would eventually meet people who will do fake spiritual work for you in the name that it would work faster. 

I don't know how to explain it, but for a spiritual work to start working, it would spend 7days in your body. 

During this 7 days, the spiritual work would have sleep and wake up with you, it would follow you to some aspect of your dream and some aspect of your life that you don't know, and the spiritual work will look for the best way it can key into your system and start working. 

During this 7 days, you are not expected to have marital sleep with your spouse because it breaks the circle, it pollute the flow of energy in the spiritual realm and terminate some connection between you and the spiritual work. 

7days is like propagation stage whereby the spiritual work will propagate itself. 

After the 7th day, it start work gradually and slowly. 
It can take a spiritual work a month or more before you start seeing changes depending on your body system. 

Don't rush, keep calm or else you would buy fake spiritual items that would not even work at all. 

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